Welcome to TAG University
Debt Collections Training

We believe in ongoing education and attend the leading industry seminars, so we can keep you and your staff current on the newest accounts receivable management, trends and techniques.

Training Your Staff to Be at Their Best.
Your staff is a valuable resource that can impact the success of your business. That’s why it’s essential for them to possess the necessary skills and training to manage customer relationships — and keep your cash flowing.

At TAG University, we can help you and your staff…

  • Learn the latest and most effective methods so they can work with customers to achieve payment.
  • Customize learning programs to your industry and specific needs.
  • Understand how to cope with different personalities.
  • Develop better negotiating skills.
  • Improve your level of customer service.

Growth and Peak Performance
In addition to teaching your staff new accounts receivable management methods, we can help them keep their old skills sharp. We can even customize our programs to meet the specific needs of your industry and your organization.

We offer several programs to help prepare your employees to achieve their peak performance. These programs are especially designed to deliver critical training and education for …

  • Improving customer relations and service
  • Learning effective accounts receivable management methods
  • Handling difficult customers and situations

The Results Will Really Pay Off
With a skilled, highly trained staff you can better take advantage of opportunities in customer relations and accounts receivable recovery. And in today’s competitive and fast-paced world — it can make a real difference.

In fact, can you afford not to have a high-performance team serving your customers?