Pre Charge-Off Debt Solutions

Working hard for you.
Pre Charge-Off Debt Solutions

The Affiliated Group recently conducted a study in the Accounts Receivable Management field that encompassed the Healthcare, Government, Education, Retail, and Financial industries. We learned that outsourcing your ARM needs earlier means earlier returns and greater consistency in processes. The Affiliated Credit Professionals Group offers a first party debt collections service designed specifically to support these findings.

We strive to be the best so we can help you be the best. To do this, we constantly invest in the latest technology and provide expert advice in all credit and accounts receivable issues.

We realize that you need money to grow your business. That’s why you don’t want your budget drained by an army of accounts receivable specialists. Yet, if you don’t invest enough to manage collections, debts pile up…and cash flow decreases.

So what can you do?

We can help by managing your accounts receivable portfolio. What’s more, we can even connect to your system remotely in order to best serve your customers. Or, if you prefer, we offer an in-house solution to provide staffing for your office.

Improved Cash Flow

Why waste valuable resources chasing delinquent accounts if we can beat your internal ROI’s?

Discover the root cause — where your current revenue management system is inefficient — then you can reduce bad debts and increase your cash flow.

At Affiliated Credit Professionals, we work with your accounts receivable and customer care professionals to achieve results. We help you build a high-performance team and provide training designed specifically for your industry.

Our experts will work in your office or ours, whether it’s one person for a day, or a team of people on a continuous basis.

Credit Process Re-Engineering

We’re ready to help you manage your credit processes. Through our dedication to professional service, we’ll build a strong partnership with your organization. Our strength as a company lies in identifying your needs and improving your profit margins.

Very simply, our credit professionals become your credit professionals. And your financial goals become our financial goals.

That’s why we’ll work hard to develop in-depth, close relationships with your team. And just wait until you see the results. Together, we’ll achieve meaningful and measurable goals.

Extended Business Office

Many functions within your office can become a drain on your time and resources. We have the technology and experience to help you maintain the productivity necessary to keep your organization financially healthy. We offer the following EBO services including:

  • System/conversion clean-ups
  • Electronic and paper claim submission

  • Insurance follow-up on claims submitted
  • Appeal of denied charges

Whether it’s for a day, or an indefinite period of time, let us create a plan to keep you in the black.

Additional Benefits

  • Call center hours — day, nights, and weekends
  • Bilingual debt collection agents

  • Convenient consumer payment options — Credit Card, ACH Transfer, Check-by-Phone, Western Union, etc.
Outstanding ROI’s for your company

  • Peace of mind, knowing we’re focused on improving your cash flow and customer goodwill