Post Charge-Off Debt Solutions

At The Affiliated Group, we focus on your needs to maximize revenues and profits.
Post Charge-Off Debt Solutions

To begin, we're different from typical accounts receivable management agencies because we look at your business differently and commit ourselves to:

  • Providing you with superior customer service
  • Deliver decision-ready information when you need it, so you can run your business better
  • Meet or exceed your debt recovery goal - we're goal driven

When it comes to debt recovery rates, we consistently perform above national accounts receivable agency averages because we use:

  • State-of-the-art accounts receivable technology
  • Interactive customer software
  • Proven, reliable debt recovery methods

We work with you - not just for you - to effectively manage your credit functions. And that translates into higher profits for your business. When you need to collect bad debts, we offer these services to help increase cash flow and profit.

Accounts Receivable Services

When intensive accounts receivable procedures are required, we offer …

  • A highly trained staff to ensure the best possible debt recovery rate
  • Advanced equipment, software and reporting capabilities
  • Departments solely dedicated to the skip-tracing and legal processes
  • The focus needed to succeed!

We offer the same technology all the big accounts receivable management agencies do, with the care and service only a smaller organization can provide. Combine this with our outstanding accounts receivable management results, solid legal processes (with very competent accounts receivable attorneys who are licensing in all states) and — together — we’ll form a winning team.