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Debt Buyer and Debt Buying Solutions

Whether you’re looking to sell a portfolio or a top agency to liquidate debt you own, you can be assured that we’ll produce the kind of results you expect. You can count on us as your trusted partner who will help you achieve the best return on your investment. That’s our promise.

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Debt Buyers

Today, people from all walks of life are purchasing portfolios of distressed consumer debt for investment purposes. Yet, the real value of these investments hinges on the ability to adequately liquidate these debt portfolios. Not maximizing debt recovery can be a disaster for the investor.

At The Affiliated Group, we specialize in the recovery of purchased debt on behalf of investors who are seeking best-of-class debt recovery results. In fact, we have built our reputation on providing expert accounts receivable management services resulting in a greater rate of return than the national average.

We also realize that when it comes to your debt portfolio, you need to feel confident and secure that we’ll do the best job of debt recovery for you. And you can rest assured we will.

Debt Buying

We’ll purchase your bad debt portfolio and provide you with cash up front. In addition to generating useful cash flow, you can eliminate the time and hassle required to manage your “salvage” debt efforts. What’s more, it also eliminates the uncertain waiting period to be paid, or worse, the possibility of never being paid.