TAG President Mark Neeb Named On "Who's Who In Collections" List

October 24th, 2014

The Affiliated Group is proud to announce that our own President and CEO Mark Neeb has been named one of the people on the list of "Who's Who" in Collections for the year 2014. This year's group was announced earlier this month by Collection Advisor.

Those who were named to the list were asked various questions about the state of our industry. Mark was asked the following question as part of his inclusion on the list: "What must a collection professional do to make their mark in the collection industry?" Here is his response to that question:

You know, I’ve never set out with that goal in mind. I think the accolades come as a result of doing the right things, and doing things right. I would add one piece of advice however: get involved in your local and national trade associations. Giving back to the industry that has given us so much, to me, is a must. Paying things forward is simply the right thing to do for people who are serious about the future of our industry.

Here at TAG, we know we are fortunate to work each and every day at a company with such great leadership. A big part of that leadership is national recognition, especially for doing things right and advocating for our industry. Congratulations to Mark Neeb on this most recent accomplishment and his continued advocacy for the collection industry on a national level!

Link: Who's Who in Collections 2014 (CollectionAdvisor.com)